E. A. LA RACONA is a family business specializing in the production, manufacture and marketing of agricultural products. We offer our customers our wide range of OWN PRODUCTS. All of them are produced and collected in our fields and made in our facilities.

Among others, we highlight oranges, mandarins, clementines, kakis and peaches, but above all our specialization in APRICOT.

We work with the latest technologies both on farms and in the facilities and always have a great technical and human team.

Our philosophy is to grow and improve year after year, increasing our production and innovating with new varieties and new cultivation methods, always guaranteeing a product with the highest possible quality.

All of this is linked to a sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural policy. The GLOBALGAP FRUITS & VEGETABLES certification guarantees the highest quality and keeping them within food safety protocols.


We produce

All our crops and plantations are created respecting the environment. We carry out exhaustive quality analyses on all our products, complying with European quality standards.

Packaging and handling

All the personnel of our company are highly qualified and make products according to the needs of our customers. We also have specific machinery for each type of product, so the entire packaging process is high quality and recyclable materials.

We commercialize

We have a wide range of products and varieties at prices that offer a wide range of benefits to our customers. Thanks to our strength as a producer and marketer and our decades of experience in the sector, we are one of the companies in the area that gives our customers more confidence.